Wicked Pleasures

All families have secrets. This family hid a secret which would tear it apart.
Sexy, glamorous and fun, WICKED PLEASURES is the story of a brother and two sisters who find out that they all have different fathers: none of them Alexander, Earl of Catherham, who was married to their mother for almost twenty years.

It is the story of the power and the greed of the mega-rich, as the great family banking business upon which fortunes are won and lost comes to the brink of ruin, and family ties are tested to the utmost.

B-format paperback • £7.99 • 0 7553 3238 5
A-format paperback (Export only) • £6.99 • 0 7553 3318 6


Cassia Fallon has been married to her doctor husband for seven years when her godmother leaves her a fortune. She is determined to be sensible, to stay in control. Suddenly, for the first time in her life, she is able to do exactly as she likes.

She starts to question her marriage, her past, her present and future. The money gives her confidence, and her husband Edward can only look on resentfully as she resumes her medical career, sheds some of her domestic burdens, and re-forms old relationships - one of them of a most dangerous kind.

But where did her legacy really come from. and why? Too soon the windfall has become a corrupting force. One that Cassia cannot resist...

B-format paperback • £6.99 • 0 7553 3239 3
A-format paperback (Export only) • £6.99 •  0 7553 3314 4